• Ignite Middle School
    Launching 6th grade in 2018-19 with plans to add one grade-level per year through 8th grade


    Quick Facts

    Principal: Lamecia Rhodes, lrhodes@dallasisd.org 
    Assistant Principal: Miguel Maymi, mmaymi@dallasisd.org
    PL Quarterback: Dee Molnar, dmolnar@dallasisd.org

    What We Do:
    Our model is Career Exploration and Passion-Driven Learning. IGNITE is a middle school where every scholar crafts a professional vision, and that vision becomes the context, motivator, and purpose for their learning. Our mission is to create an inspirational, challenging, and caring learning community that empowers all students with the academic ability, life skills, and rich learning experiences needed to realize their unique life visions.

    How We Do It:
    To ensure that every student leaves the 8th grade knowing who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there, we take IGNITE scholars on a four-phase journey to Impact:
    • Awaken: Self-Discovery
    • Enlighten: Career Exploration
    • Ignite: Crafting a Vision
    • Impact: Realizing the Vision

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    ✓ Blended Rotational Classroom
    ✓ Project-Based Learning
    ✓ Competency-Based Learning
    ✓ Learner Profiles and Pathways

    Proudest Accomplishments:
    ✓ More than 600 applicants for 200 6th grade seats
    ✓ Industry partnerships established with UT Southwestern and Varidesk
    ✓ Educational partnerships established with Summit Learning and Big Picture Learning