• Thelma Elizabeth Page Richardson Elementary School

    Launched 4th grade pilot in 2019-20 and school-wide implementation in 2020-2021
    Quick Facts:

    Principal: Adriana Gonzalez, adrgonzalez@dallasisd.org
    PL Quarterback: Rosaana Calderon, rocalderon@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Deronica Rogers-Robinson, derobinson@dallasisd.org

    What We Do:
    Every child achieves their maximum potential in a personalized learning environment that values high expectations, creativity and good citizenship..

    How We Do It:
    To create a culture of learning that will ensure the academic and social success of all children.

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    • Blended Learning rotational model
    • Data driven instruction
    • Student led academic and personal goal setting
    • Differentiated instruction based on students’ needs

    Proudest Accomplishments:

    • Top 20 for growth in district
    • 6% growth in Masters on STAAR
    • Star distinction in Comparative Growth
    • Innovation in Teaching Fellows
    • Participation in the Texas Tech Cohort